Before/After: Bedroom Transformation

I decided the day that I redecorated my bedroom I wanted to do a blog post about it. Planning my bedroom and finally getting it done took me MONTHS as I wanted to get it right and I was looking for the right bedroom accessories for it. It is now 99.9% done and I am so happy with the results.

Before, my bedroom was black, silver and a tiny little bit of grey. At the time I loved it, but after a while I got so bored with it and every time I walked in, it just felt so gloomy and dull. Every time I walked/looked at my bedroom I felt like I was staring at a black and white picture.


After months before hand looking on Pinterest, I decided to go for the colour scheme light grey and baby pink as this worked so well and it was completely different to what I had. I started to get visions in my head of what I wanted and that’s when the research/looking around began – It was this stage that took me months.

The dressing table was the easiest decision for me as I knew what I wanted before I even decided I was going to change my bedroom around. The two separate Alex draws from Ikea, with just a white table top over the top. The reason for this was because I needed a lot more storage space for my make-up, it’s slowly starting to grow. The mirror is also from Ikea and was the perfect size.

Just for the make-up brush holders I was lucky enough to find some gold rose pot pen holders from Wilkinson (the last three!), which fit my make-up brushes in perfectly.

Before – IMG_5007


For my bedding I was so happy when I laid my eyes on it, Primark special! The bedding was £15 including two pillow cases (I also bought two separate jersey pillow cases from there as well). The material is jersey, safe to say it keeps me warm at night and it washes really nice for the price of it.


I bought the baby pink pillow, with the rose gold zig zag pattern from Primark as well. This was actually one of the first things I bought and I had to work around that one pillow!

For the rest of my pillows I wanted a variety as I love a miss match of pillows. My grey fluffy pillow I all ready had before hand, but the rest are all new. The small light pink fluffy pillow and the teddy bear pillow are both from Dunelm and the plain light pink pillow is just from Ikea.


I love marble and the desk lamp style, so when I saw the two combined I needed to get it! For the rest of my accessories I went for the rose gold theme as it just went so well with the rest of the theme.

The blanket is my favourite and that is from Dunelm. It just finishes off the bed nicely and one of my favourite items, as I can’t be without a blanket. Anyone else have a blanket over them all year round?

I am still looking for some wall art to go in my bedroom to finish it off and then it is done! If you know any websites for good wall art then please drop a comment below. If there is not anything that I have not mentioned where I got it from and you would lile to know, then please get in contact. Also, please let me know what you would like to hear from me!

Love Elle x




Entering the Wizarding World of Magic


One thing like a lot of people out there, I love Harry Potter and at any chance that I will get I will always do a Harry Potter marathon or go to the Harry Potter London studio tours and my friend’s birthday present was the perfect reason to go, right? Well, I thought it was, so I got tickets!

I don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t been, so if you want to keep it as a surprise for yourself, than don’t read this blog post, but if you do carry on, than thank you!

Walking into the Great Hall gives me goose bumps every time, it is breath-taking and knowing that it was the actual room where they filmed all of the movies just makes the experience even more magical than it actually is. Just walking down further into the room and seeing the decorations, and the costumes is just incredible. You just expect to see Harry, Ron and Hermione studying, Professor Albus Dumbledore standing at the top of the hall giving an end of year speech or an owl flying down to deliver a letter from a loved one to one the young wizards.

Walking round the studio and seeing every set and prop that you could think of is something else. It is such a hard way to explain the feeling that you feel when you walk around, but if you have been before then you know the feeling (hopefully you do, unless I am going mad)!

I have been twice to the tours and the feeling of excitement and joy will never leave you, from when you first step foot into the Great Hall and from when you are walking around the whole building, it will stay with you throughout.


I can’t believe the time and effort that went into making the films, every detail, the special effects, training the animals and even the make-up throughout the years. All of the time and effort that people put into everything just for all our enjoyment.


That one moment that got me was the very end of the tour. They left the best to last (in my opinion), you see Hogwarts at the very end. I have now seen it with snow and without and every time it is breath-taking. There is no words that I can describe when you see it for the first time, I was just full of emotion.

I got so many pictures when I went the second time round as the first time, I was just amazed and speechless I forgot to take photos. I was literally making my friend take photos of me in front of every set. This is honestly the only place that you will find me smiling 24/7 throughout, I just couldn’t help it.

Love Elle x

Festival Outfits!

So, ever since I booked tickets for RiZe Festival I couldn’t wait to start planning my outfits and show you guys what I wore! Safe to say, I was looking weeks in advance and adding everything in my wish list on all of the sites I could think of.

As a lot of you know leopard print is back in and I LOVE IT! I knew I needed something with the leopard print pattern and when I came across the unitard from Motel Rocks I instantly feel in love. I ordered a size small and I am a size 8. The fit was perfect and I found that it was so flattering! It is perfect for Ibiza (watch this space, there may be a blog about that next month)!


I paired the unitard with just an oversize denim jacket from New Look (this was last year, but you can dress it with any denim jacket you have)! I felt that this complimented the look and finished it off, which was perfect as I feel the cold a lot! Finally, the shoes, but they deserve a post on their own!


For the second day I had 4 potential outfits – typical girl I know! When I put this outfit on I knew that this was the one (cringe I know)! I wore an oversized baseball top and mesh cycling shorts from Missguided, both a size 8. The cycling shorts are true to their size and the baseball shirt is true to its word, it is oversized!


The shoes where just amazing and they finished both of my outfits off perfectly! I ordered a pair of military boots from I SAW IT FIRST and I am so glad that I did! I highly recommended these shoes as they was so comfortable and was only £28.00!


With accessories, I always have to have a gold pair of hoops or some kind of earing, it is an essential! Another must was sunglasses and face gems/glitter. With the sunglasses I always find the weirder the better, especially for a festival. Both of mine where from Pretty Little Thing and both £10.00 – I loved them!

With the glitter and face gems I will always use The Gypsy Shrine as I swear by them and they stayed on my face all day. The glitter was in the colour ‘Dark Unicorn’. Did you even go to a festival if your face and hair isn’t full of glitter?


Just for my bag I used a back pack from New Look and it was perfect!


For my hair and make-up I just went for neutrals with my eye look (boring I know), but my highlighter I made up for! With my hair I was lucky enough that my best friend could do french plaits! I went for two on the top with space buns.

For everything that I have mentioned in this blog, the links are below:

Motel Rocks Unitard – 
Baseball Top –
Cycling Shorts –
Milatry Boots –
Sunglasses 1 –
Sunglasses 2
Face Gems/Glitter –

Please show me your festival looks as I would love to see them all and I need inspiration for my Ibiza outfits!

Love Elle x

A weekend in Amsterdam

So, I know that I mentioned in my previous blog that this was meant to go up ages ago, (about a month now), but once again I have not left myself any time to just sit down and write about my trip to Amsterdam.

So, I finally found some time to sit down and just write (well type shall I say) about what me and Chloe got up to on our little trip to Amsterdam. It has also taken me so long to get it up, as this is actually one of my first blogs that I decided to post on my personal social media accounts (this is scary/big thing for me) and I also wanted to get it right!

So, it all began when my best friend decided that I deserved (don’t ask me why I deserved it, as I still don’t really know from this day) a surprise trip for my birthday and when she told me I was over the moon, but like always with me and Chloe, it never goes smoothly.

We arrived at Amsterdam airport and I walked out, like everyone does expecting to see the Amsterdam sign and to get the classic tourist photo, but to our surprise it was not there, safe to say me and Chloe was very confused. I sat on a bench whilst Chloe finds out where we are and it turns out we was actually at Eindhoven airport, a good hour and half away from our hotel. We finally realised that Chloe had booked the incorrect airport, we needed to be at Schiphol airport! Safe to say I was crying with laughter and I wasn’t surprised at all!

We was staying at the Ramada hotel and honestly I highly recommend it as it was a beautiful hotel and the staff just made you feel so welcome and we needed that after the journey we had! We got to the room and the receptionist had decided to come up and give me and Chloe free breakfast and a birthday drink for the bar for all the trouble that we had – If anyone knows me, free food and a alcohol drink is my FAV thing!

Classic me, getting Chloe to take candid photos of me outside our hotel – That’s what best friends are for right?

Getting into Amsterdam central was so easy. The hotel offered a free shuttle bus taking 10-15 minutes to the Schiphol Airport – The actual airpot we was meant to be arriving at (Chloe will never live this down)! I FINALLY got my photo taken in front of the Amsterdam sign! We then got a train to Amsterdam central – It should of been that simple ** eye roll emoji**


The first stop we did was the sex museum and it was five euros well spent, as I never stopped laughing for a full 45 minutes – If you are ever in Amsterdam and you are with your girls and need a laugh, that is the place to be! For the rest of the day we just decided to walk around and try every bar that we could find and we also did the classic tourist photos – When in Amsterdam!



The next day we crammed in as much stuff as we could. We headed to the Anne Frank Museum (this is something that I defiantly do if I had the chance to go again), took lots of photos of the city as I was mesmerised at how beautiful it was and I had the BEST waffle!


I was also shocked at how many cheese shops there was! Yes I walked in to most of them and went and tried every free sample of cheese there was!


My highlight of the whole trip was going to the A’DAM Lookout building and looking out at the incredible views of Amsterdam and going on the swing, which I must say was INCREDIBLE! This is a must for anyone who is going to Amsterdam!

Over all if you are in need of a city break, then I would recommend Amsterdam. It was just breath taking at all of the views – I feel in love with the city!

Let me know if there is anywhere that you are planning on going or if you have been to Amsterdam, I would love to here from you all!

Love Elle x

Easy/Affordable FESTIVAL LOOK!

As you all properly know festival season is almost amongst us and Coachella has just happened – BEYONCE OMG! (I will be there one year – watch me!) I thought what a perfect time to show you guys how to create a simple, but effective easy eye look for a festival – Oh and did I mention it is affordable as well?!


This is the look that I created and I used the Make-Up Revolution Soph X Palette and I used the following colours:

  • Pancakes
  • Cloudberry
  • Pumpkin
  • Strawberry Sweets


Don’t you just love the names for this palette!

For the transition colour I used the colour ‘Pancakes’ as I felt that this would complement the other colours and it is an overall good start for an eye look. For this I used my NYX 16 Crease brush and used small circular movements on the top off my eye bone (I think that is what you call it – I am not sure)!

Then I took the colour ‘Cloudberry’ on my NYX 17 Blending brush (highly recommend NYX brushes – They are amazing)! and took that colour on the outer corner of my eye and also along the bottom of my eye bone, blending it into my transition colour ‘Pancakes’.

The next colour I took was the colour ‘Pumpkin’ and this was on my Spectrum A07 brush. Lightly packing the colour on my eyes lid. Then back with my NYX 17 brush, blending ‘Pumpkin’ and ‘Cloudberry’ together.

The final colour that I used was ‘Strawberry Sweets’. I also took this on my Spectrum A07 brush and packed this colour on my outer corner of my eye and then also blending out so I did not have any harsh lines. I kept adding the other colours until I got the look I was going for – It’s your look so, keep going until you are happy with it!

For the under eye I took my Morphe M574 brush and starting with the colour ‘Strawberry Sweets’ and starting on the outer corner of my eye and working inwards, but only going half way with that colour. With the same brush I took the colour ‘Cloudberry’ and went all the way to then inner corner of my eye, connecting everything together. Finally blending the two colours under my eye. This step I found that it ties the whole look together and made my eyes POP! The last step was just me adding my Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter in the inner corner of my eye. This can be any highlighter or use the colour ‘Fairy Lights’ from the palette to do this stage.

Please let me know your thoughts on this look and if you have other festival looks, please show me! It is ever so easy and so cheap to do – I LOVE IT! It is so simple, but I find that it does really work – Let me know what youn think below.

Love Elle x

P.S. I have done a YouTube video for this look and it should be live within the next week, if you would like to check it out then please subscribe to my channel xx

Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter Review..

It is that time again for another review by me and for once it isn’t Make-Up Revolution. It is in fact Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter (I do struggle to say the name)! ABH is one of my favourite high end make-up products. Their dip brow has become one of my favourite eyebrow products due to how amazing it is. It may be an expensive brand, but you do get your monies worth (In my opinion anything that is good and if it lasts a long time then it is worth it).

Let’s get to it, the packaging is really nice. It comes in a black box, with that smooth matt feel – Do you know what I mean? I know what I mean, but it’s hard to explain (let me know if you know what I mean)! Then you have the text in silver and I would say either gold or rose gold. When it comes to the actual highlighter it has this ripple effect that I have not seen with highlighters before and I love it, I think it just makes it. Also, it has a mirror – What’s not to love!

So, when applying the highlighter, just OMG!! I just feel in love with it (maybe that is the reason that they realised it on Valentine’s Day)! It is so pigmented and blends out amazing. You don’t need much at all and you are glowing. This has defiantly become one of my top 5 highlighters.


I got mine on Beauty Bay when it got restocked as I missed out on the first time round. It is £29.00 and, in my opinion, I do think it is worth it. It does all depend on if you want to spend that £29.00 on the highlighter.

In my eyes it is an amazing highlighter and it will get you seen by space, which is what every girl wants, right? It fits in really well with the family (I have so many highlighters – you can never have to many)! Let me know if you have tried the highlighter and I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

For now love Elle x

Make-Up Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer

Firstly this is my first blog post, so please bare with me! I am a MASSIVE Make-up Revolution fan I love most of their make-up! This brand really helps a girl out, it is amazing and like I mentioned in my previous blog if you don’t know then you need to know! When I found out that they had bought out a concealer I was quick to hit Superdrug and give it a go and safe to say I was very very very excited!

I heard that the Tarte Shape concealer is amazing, but I have personally not tried it so I can’t comment on it. I have seen the packaging of the Tarte Shape concealer and it is very similar to Make-Up Revolution, but I heard that this concealer LIVES up to it!

My first try of the concealer and can I just say OMG I am shook! It is honestly amazing, it has instantly become my favourite concealer and I have used it every day since. It is full coverage and blends out really nice. I find that you don’t need a lot of the product due to it being full coverage. It does come in so many different colours, that yes, I have gone and bought another two (you can never have to many, right)? I originally bought the colour c4, tried it and then went and bought it in c2 and c13 to contour with. I really want to get c1, but every time I go and see if it is in stock it never is and last time I looked most of the colours were out stock and that says a lot!

I have worn the concealer for more than 10 hours and it did not crease – What is not to love?! I am so impressed with this concealer that I would highly recommend it! Like I have mentioned just using it once made me want to go and buy more. The best thing about this concealer is that it is £4.00 and easy on your bank account, you are honesty getting your money’s worth.  You can see the how full coverage the concealers are from the swatches I did below. Starting from the left is the colour C2, C4 and C13.


I think I will forever be a Make-Up Revolution lover – You can’t go wrong and you are getting a high-end product for so little money, like I said if you haven’t tried it then you need to – Trust me on this one you will not be disappointed!

If you would like me to write some more reviews on my favourite make up and brands then let me know!

Love Elle x